You want to party like a rock star? Well then you’re in the to the right town. Hollywood is the home of A list celebrities and aspiring wannabes crawling all over the hills. Not everyone makes it here, and if you want a shot of making it into Tinseltown’s super clubs you have to look the part. The sharpest accessory when hitting the hottest spots in Hollywood is a limo.

Appearance is everything in Hollywood, but it’s also about who you know. Unfortunately not everybody is going to get recognized by the club bouncer and ushered straight back to a private table with bottles of Cristal. Sometimes you have to make you’re own luck and a limo is the perfect touch to a winning night.

The Hollywood scene offers a variety of dance party clubs and low-key cocktail lounges and maybe you want to hit them all. If you’re looking for the total LA vibe then Lure Nightclub is your spot. The ambiance is more like a 5-star resort with big spenders so dress accordingly. Some of the best DJ’s and hip hop artists like Lil Jon throw down there and the crowd can be exclusive so arrive in style.

The LA area is massive and when you want to club hop you don’t want to have to deal with driving and parking numerous times. Once you and your friends have broken in your boogie shoes on the dance floor you’ll be ready to hit a more chill locale like The Sayers Club, known as the best little room in Hollywood to catch major talent.

Sometimes the Hollywood gems are more secluded and hard to find and having a limo as your personal drop-off makes it much easier. The alleyway entrance of Dim Mak Studios is dark and graffiti covered and inside the DJ’s are spinning music like an underground rave. Your head will be dizzy by the end of the night but relief will soon set in as you rest it on the relaxing ride home!