Los Angeles has ideal places to spend father’s day; this is because there is a lot to see and a lot to do. When moving from one place to another treating Dad, you can make use of our reliable and trusted limo service here in Los Angeles. In Los Angeles you are guaranteed to enjoy brunches, dinner and unforgettable special experiences for you and your Dad.

“Bring Your Dad” with 1933 Group
The best things in life are free—especially when they arrive in the form of a cocktail from the 1933 Group. This Father’s Day, each 1933 location (Harlowe, Oldfield’s Liquor Room, Sassafras, Bigfoot Lodge and Bigfoot Lodge West, The Thirsty Crow, and La Cuevita) will treat your dad to a complimentary drink (up to $12) so that the two of you can catch up over a cold one. This definitely gives you “best son/daughter” status, right?

Chuan Spa
The new and luxurious Chuan Spa is another great place to treat Dad. You can make use of our car service to Los Angeles to get to this lovely place. There is a special offer at the spa which involves Dad getting a therapeutic facial deep cleansing. Included is a luxurious facial massage to correct sensitivity and razor burn. Once they are done with your Dad, he will be cleansed and his skin replenished and re-energized. The body is then given a relaxation massage to release all the muscular tension and tiredness. There are also other famous spas at The Four Seasons Westlake Village, the Motley, and The Ritz-Carlton all of which can be accessed by using our limo service.

For brunch and dinner, you can take a ride in our car service to Los Angeles and head to places like Collabrewtive, Culina, Four Seasons Westlake Village, among others. Here you will get mouth-watering dishes for brunch and dinner. You can be sure to sample roasted beef, caviar station, rotisserie chicken, fresh seafood platters, beef tartar and many other tasty meals.

These are some awesome father’s day ideas in Los Angeles!

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