Since 1998 KLS has been shaping its position in the chauffeured service market. When we began like any other company we started small. Our experience and interaction with our clients over the years has enabled us to create a good image for ourselves and improve the services we provide our esteemed clients. Our services have had a general transformation from the staff we employ to the cars that we buy. We are a company that is able to evaluate the needs of our clients despite their standards of demand. We meet all the standards gladly and comfortably. This is why we have the highest percentage of repeat customers in the industry.

Use Car Service in Los Angeles for Travels

Between family coming into town this time of year, buying gifts and all the hustle and bustle car service will definitely make your life easier. No matter what airport they’re traveling in from we have airport car servie from LAX and every other airport nearby.

We understand that the holiday season is valued by you and your family and that you want to make memories of this season. We are here to serve you by easing up your travel worries. KLS has been steadily focused in opening many branches across the country. Apart from New York we have also opened a branch in Los Angeles and we are still focused on keeping you happy all the time.

We make it easy for you to call us 24/7 and secure a chauffeur to pick you up and take you to your destination. Take a look at our fleet for the variety of sized luxury vehicles we carry. Choose either a luxury sedan or luxury SUV. Perhaps you can make your travels even more luxurious by renting a Rolls Royce Phantom.

Being in the transport business for over 10 years we have enough partnered with organizations which plan events and this gives us the advantage of knowing where the parties are going down. More to that we have visited every corner of LA therefore we have a lot of knowledge on the best places to visit in LA.

LA is a beautiful city just like any other and we want you and your family to see the best of it and not worry about the hassle of transport. With our cars which are GPS enabled we guarantee you to get you to your destination safely.

All the vehicles are maintained in pristine condition by an in-house mechanic and detailer. You’ll only ride in the latest model luxury vehicle.

Our chauffeurs are high trained and friendly too. They are professionals at work and will get you to your destination on time despite the rough traffic in LA and if you are in need of a good, informed chat they are sure to give you one.

KLS is an organization that is ready and has always been prepared to meet the diverse needs of all of its clients whenever and wherever. KLS your first class chauffeured service provider in America and Internationally.