KLS Limousine, the premier provider of outstanding limousine service in Los Angeles, brings words of comfort for the masses. Yes, “Carmageddon 2” will be taking place the weekend of September 29, 2012. Just as happened in 2011, both sides of the 405 freeway between the 101 and the 10 will be closed to enable needed construction work on the Mulholland Drive bridge.

The event can’t be minimized as it shuts down one of Southern California’s most crucial traffic arteries, particularly for residents of West Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. During last year’s closure, however, Los Angelenos adjusted their weekend plans en masse, resulting in relatively minimal traffic. Nevertheless, once again, officials are warning residents to use public transportation where possible and to avoid non-essential travel near the area.

Regardless, whether you are forced to make a crosstown trip during a major road closure, or caught in a nasty run-of-the-mill traffic snarl, experiencing traffic in an outstanding Los Angeles limousine from KLS is a very different experience than when you’re behind the wheel of an ordinary auto. For one thing, our outstanding staff will do their best to avoid undue delays and will provide you with warnings so that expected issues can be built into your schedule.

Of course, the other benefit of taking advantage of limo service in Los Angeles is that, once you’re in traffic, you can use your time as you wish. Do you have some important work you need to catch up on? Maybe you need to check your e-mails? Our limos provide Wi-Fi, so you’re always hooked in and able to do what needs to be done.

On the other hand, are you just in a mood to relax? Our limos turn ordinarily stressful traffic jams into a perfect opportunity to chill out listening to your favorite music on our first-rate entertainment systems, or maybe catching a cat nap if you’re so inclined. If adult beverages are appropriate, our limousines come with fully stocked bars for you and your guests’ enjoyment and plenty of sodas and other beverages as well.

KLS can’t claim to have cured Los Angeles’ many issues with traffic congestion, but they can take the honor of taking the sting out of countless potential transportation nightmare for their lucky customers. The occasional traffic jam may simply be a fact of life but at KLS, we find that there are ways turn that particular form of lemon into some pretty enjoyable lemonade.

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