In light of the recent party bus accidents receiving mainstream media coverage, KLS Transportation Services has gone on record to reinforce what a limo company needs to do to make sure every ride is a safe one for passengers. President and co-founder of KLS, Alex Darbahani, was recently featured on a special America Now feature with Leeza Gibbons and Bill Rancic, about the potential dangers of party buses when operators neglect proper maintenance and safety training.

“We have a lot of companies we call in our industry ‘gypsy operators,'” said Darbahani. “[These are] a one-man operator and the bus has not been inspected. These guys have no license. No insurance.”

The last thing anyone wants to worry about when they rent a party bus is safety, and at KLS Transportation, the safety of the passenger is of the up-most concern. There is an in-house mechanical and detail staff that makes sure the entire bus is in tip-top working shape at all times. All windows are checked, along with tire gauges, engine functions, and every safety hatch and door is routinely tested to check for any malfunctions.

Many clients only consider price when determining a party bus provider, but diving for the cheapest quote may have long-term consequences. A cut rate deal can be a red flag of a negligent operation because low rates do not adequately cover the cost of what an operator is required to have in liability insurance.

“As a party bus operator, we are required to have $5,000,000 liability insurance,” said Darbahani, “so if the operator is charging bare minimum for their services, one can assume they might not have a full-coverage insurance policy.”

When searching for a provider, clients should look into each company’s Department of Transportation License to make sure it is valid, and ask if the vehicles are registered with the Public Utilities Commission. And ask them to send you proof of insurance.

KLS Transportation has a wide range of party buses that routinely run trips within the greater Los Angeles area, as well as provide long distant entertainment runs to destinations like Las Vegas and Santa Barbara, and with each ride, passenger safety is executed to perfection so that the clients can focus on having a great time, without worry.