KLS Joins the Inc 5000

KLS Worldwide Chauffeured Service is dedicated to the proposition that the difference between a driver and a chauffeur is the difference between eating at a random friend’s house and a fine dinner prepared by a leading chef. Both your friend and the chef are cooking, but he or sheis an amateur and obviously doesn’t have the benefit of years of experience and training of a chef at a three-star restaurant. We’re happy to say that our years of providing outstanding ground transportationpowered by world class chauffeursare paying off. We’ve been recognized for our ongoing rapid growth by being added to the Inc 5000.

Not just any company gets to be added to the list. In fact, the qualifications are quite specific. They include being able to show three calendar years of sales, being independently owned and privately held, with a minimum of $2 million booked in the prior year. Inc has been around since 1979 and it’s one of the most widely read magazines by almost everyone who is seriously interested in growing ventures in our rapidly changing business climate.It’s a reflection on our continued rapid growth, and we intend to grow even more rapidly in the future.

Growing Against Disruption

Right now, ridesharing services are the elephants in the room when it comes to the ground transportation field. For KLS, however, the growth of these services has only clarified where we fit into the overall market. Ridesharing is fine for young people going to from a friend’s party or a neighborhood pub, but for more upscale or important events involving a larger number of people, a higher level of reliability and service is crucial. We are providing full-service transportation and logistical support powered by chauffeurs – true professionals in the science and art of ground transportation– driving some of the world’s finest vehicles. With KLS Worldwide Chauffeured Service, clients know that they’re getting first class accommodations provided by professionals who will be treating their event with as much seriousness as they do.

Today’s VIP and corporate clients cannot afford to take chances on events. We’re about much more than simply getting from place to place; we’re about making sure that events small and large work perfectly in terms of transportation.