LAX recommends that travelers always arrive at least two hours before flight time. If you are planning to drive and park, either at the airport or off property, make sure to leave plenty of time in case you have to drive to more than one lot to find space.

If you have luggage, you may not be allowed to check any bags if you arrive less than 45 minutes before your scheduled flight time. If you are late, that might be quite a dilemma, especially if you have too large a bag to carry-on, or too many bags. Even if the bag can be carried on, you’ll have to discard any liquid items, like toiletries, before getting to the security gate. If you lost your bag at the LAX and if you need to file a police report for insurance purposes, call (424) 646-6100 and to file lost item report.All individuals (including persons with disabilities) who pull a parking stub and pass through a gate arm into a parking structure are required to pay the posted parking rates. Central Terminal Area Parking Structures $30.


Central Terminal Area Parking Structures

Terminal Area parking structures are available for dropping off and picking up passengers, overnight trips, and extended stays.

$3.00 for the first hour or fraction thereof

$2.00 each 30 minutes or fraction thereof after the first hour

$30 maximum for each 24 hours





Cell Phone Waiting Lot

 (Northwest corner of 96th Street/Vicksburg Avenue

Motorists meeting arriving passengers can wait for free, up to two hours, until passengers call to say they are ready to be picked up in the Central Terminal Area. The Lot is adjacent to the southwest corner of LAX Economy Parking Lot C and one-quarter mile from the 96th Street Bridge entrance into LAX’s passenger terminal area.  It is easily accessible from the north and east by motorists using La Tijera, Sepulveda, Manchester and Century Boulevards to access LAX


 Nearly 8,000 parking stalls are available in eight parking structures located opposite the roadways from the passenger terminals. Parking is available for extended stays and overnight trips. All vehicles entering the Central Terminal Area are subject to random inspection.

(96th Street and Sepulveda Boulevard) 

LAX operates economy Parking Lot C with over 7,300 parking spaces.

Lot C provides frequent, free shuttle transport to and from Lot C and the Central Terminal Area, stopping conveniently at each Terminal curbside. Economy Lot C $12.

Consider parking at an off-airport facility. Have a back-up plan (another company–and bring directions and a phone number!) in case that lot is full.


Best bet, have someone drop you off and pick you up from the airport. If that’s not possible, consider taking an affordable limousine service.


Before leaving home, check with your airline on possible flight delays and baggage weight limits.

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