Millions of Americans across the country are busily filling out job applications, typing up those resumes and cover letters, and compiling lists of professional references. Everyone knows that effusive praise for past performance can be just what you need to impress a prospective employer, so can you imagine how helpful it is to get a letter of thanks from an internationally known and respected company like Pepsi? That is exactly what KLS Transportation Services, Inc. received for providing exceptional chauffeur service for Pepsi. While the Los Angeles limousine company is humble about even mentioning the letter, it is that kind of glowing review – one of many that KLS has received from past clients – that has propelled KLS above its competitors in the luxury transportation industry.

Pepsi may be one of the more famous clients to make use of this limo service in Los Angeles, but the team at KLS expresses appreciation for all of their customers. From corporate VIPs to college kids, KLS serves the entire Los Angeles community. People from all walks of life, with budgets of varying size and scope, are able to enjoy this limousine service because of its extremely competitive rates, and because KLS maintains a diverse fleet of vehicles for people of every individual taste.

Recently, KLS has take great strides into turning its fleet green, with additions like the fuel-efficient Hybrid Mercedes-Benz S400. This has contributed to increased interest in KLS, as the number of eco-conscious consumers in the country, and especially in Los Angeles, continues to rise. KLS has also attracted a lot of customers because of its effective use of communications technology to streamline the experience and make everything easier for both customers and its own employees. With the use of Samsung Galaxy Tablets and an electronic dispatch system, the entire atmosphere at KLS has become one defined by efficiency and professionalism.

For anyone who has enjoyed the services of KLS, a letter of thanks from Pepsi comes as no surprise. KLS has a reputation for its commitment to customer satisfaction, regardless of the customer. That reputation has served them well in the competitive world of luxury transportation – a world that KLS continues to dominate by providing the very best limousine service in Los Angeles.

The company’s 24 hour, live reservations center is available to answer any questions and book all last minute transportation requests. Ask about convenient flat airport rates.

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