making-a-layover-funWith airports and airlines continuing to upgrade their amenities to draw in the public the possibilities of what you can get done on your layover have grown. Gone are the days of sitting around staring out a window for hours at LAX waiting for your next plane; now you actually have options.


If you enjoy sitting down with a cup of coffee and the morning paper then don’t worry you’re in luck; many airline or airport lounges come equipped with ample seating in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere away from the crowds in the gate area. Some of the lounges even have shower facilities in so you can freshen up before your next flight.

Grab a Meal

As the airports continue to upgrade their facilities a lot of airports are upgrading their food options from the standard fast food restaurants to more impressive restaurants and eateries. Today’s options, especially in the bigger airports, are limitless and have options for pretty much any diet.

Catch up on work

Airports and airlines are starting to expand their WIFI throughout the public areas and lounges making it easy for travelers who have a layover to catch up on some work. The airline and airport lounges usually have somewhat of a business center equipped with computers, printers, faxes and scanners.

Go See the Town

If you have a little longer you could grab a taxi or car and go see the sights of the city you are in or go and visit a local food or drink establishment. You could even hit the mall or take a stroll around a park to stretch your legs.

People Watch

If you are still tired from your flight and don’t feel like doing anything then just sit there and watch as passengers come and go; airports are one of the best places anywhere for avid people watchers!

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