Are you prepared to give your BFF the absolute best bachelorette party in Los Angeles? Don’t freak! It’s easier than you might think. Sure, the memories of her last night as a single woman rest on your shoulders, but with a few tips from maids of honor that have come before you, planning her last hurrah in L.A. should be easier than remembering her flavor of ice cream (you do know that, right?).

Step 1: Send Out Invites

Busy women need as much notice as possible, especially if the bride’s bachelorette party guest list is long. Give them ample time to plan and budget, with plenty of reminders.

  • Send out your invite early, be it an Evite or traditional letter in the mail so all the guests can make time in their schedules. Digital invitations are great because they make it easy for guests to RSVP and receive updates or reminders about the party. Facebook also offers great event invitation options with a convenient platform for guests to communicate before the event.

  • Include Details like the theme and an estimate of expenses. If you expect the other ladies to pitch in on the cost of the limousine, buy their own dinners, or pay for drinks at the club the invite is an easy way to let them know right up front.

Step 2: Plan in Secret

Don’t bother the bride! She has enough on her plate already. Do as much of your planning in secret as possible.

  • Ask the other invitees on the bachelorette party list if you need some advice on what the bride likes, or better yet, ask her mom or other close relatives.

  • Surprise her with transportation in a luxury limousine. Bachelorette party veterans say this is the detail brides always remember most from the evening if they weren’t expecting it.

  • Pick up party favors. Stop by your local adult store for some penis straws or a ridiculous cake mold. Stick to things that the girls can giggle about in the privacy of the limousine or over pre-party drinks. Most brides say they could have done without the embarrassing bits of their bachelorette party like the “kiss me I’m getting married tomorrow” shirt or the “bride to be” beauty pageant sash.

Step 3: Make Reservations

You don’t need to wait until all the girls RSVP before you start calling around for reservations in Los Angeles.

  • Make sure you say what the reservation is for. Often restaurants, bars, night clubs, and other establishments offer specials specifically for bachelorette parties. KLS Limousine service offers a Bachelorette Party special on that includes drinks, snacks, and other bonuses stocked in the limo!

  • Don’t overbook. Experienced bachelorettes recommend not to over-plan. If you have the KLS Bachelorette Party limo deal for 7 hours, make reservations at your first destination only, be it dinner, a show, or a nightclub, then have a list of other fun spots the girls could choose from if there is time.

Waited until the last minute? Don’t worry, it is not too late to throw together an awesome night the bride and her guests will never forget! Call KLS today and reserve the bachelorette limo package and we’ll take care of the rest. Our drivers know all the best clubs and restaurants in L.A. Plus, when you set out in a chauffeured limo, you’ve already arrived!