renting-versus-chauffeurIf you need to travel by car and do not want to use your own vehicle or do not have your own vehicle, you have a few options: you can use a chauffeur or you can rent a car. There are pros and cons of both using a chauffeur and renting a car; a chauffeur can be a luxurious and relaxing option, whereas renting a car can be good because you are in control of the driving and at times it can be less expensive than hiring a chauffeur. There are, however, some drawbacks to renting a car from a car rental agency such as limited miles and fuel costs.

If you choose to hire a driver for your road trip you should consider a few things first. Hiring a chauffeur to drive you can be a wonderfully luxurious experience; you don’t have to worry about traffic and can sit back and relax and enjoy the ride. Some chauffeured companies will offer a flat fee for each trip and others will charge a flat fee plus additional mileage. Some will include the cost of fuel while others will have an additional fuel charge either per mile or per 100 miles. Most car service companies will also have snacks and beverages for you to consume at no additional charge. They will also help you with your luggage and personal belongings when you arrive at your destination and will be there when you return.

Along the lines of luxury, hiring a chauffeur is great for longer road trips like traveling from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. I’m sure you’d rather enjoy a bit of pre-partying in the back of a limo than waiting until you get there to get the party started.

Many people prefer to hire a driver because of the convenience factor. You’re better off getting picked up and dropped off at the airport than you are taking your car and leaving it at the expensive airport parking lot.

Extra Expenses
Renting a car has both its positive and negative aspects. You are in charge of the driving when you rent a car and schedule the time according to your own wants. Most rental car companies will offer specials, especially on the weekend; periodically, they will offer coupons for a free rental or car class upgrade. While some companies offer unlimited mileage many will restrict your mileage per day and may even limit you to only driving within the locality you rented the vehicle in. Car rental agencies can also expect you to provide your own insurance or pay extra for their insurance. They also usually charge you to refuel the vehicle at a much higher price per gallon than if you were to refuel before you returned the vehicle. Also, the vehicle could break down on your trip and it could be difficult to get into another rental vehicle before your contract is up with them.

So, there are both pros and cons when choosing whether to use a chauffeur or rent a car. Your decision should be based on several factors namely, convenience, budget, time or preference. You actually can obtain all of these benefits and more when you hire a chauffeur. It will make your trip and your life so much easier; it gives you a chance to go somewhere in style and be pampered a bit. Let the chauffeur do all the worrying while you sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

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