limo company versus uber
In today’s fast-paced world calling for a cab is becoming a thing of the past. A new wave of options are available right at your fingertips with mobile apps like Uber, where with a touch of a button you can connect with a driver for hire. It sounds very Jetsons, but in the end a reputable car service may be your best bet.

When you live in a wide spread city like Los Angeles, you know it’s not always easy getting around. If you’re skeptical about using Uber, remain cautious. Make sure to select the type of car you want or the app may default to their most expensive vehicle, the SUV, in lieu of its low cost vehicle the “uberX.” When you go with a limo service you know what you’re getting from the get go, no surprises. Also no strange-strangers driving you around, which is comforting if you’re a group of single ladies.

Timing is everything, and with Uber you can’t order a pick-up for a specific time. Once you enter the app and set your pick-up location they provide you with an ETA, it can be 5 minutes or more depending on where the nearest driver is, which means waiting. When you’re dressed and ready to go you don’t want to hang around for a ride.

The novelty of mobile apps like Uber can come with fees. Uber charges a Safe Ride Fee, Mini Fare, and Cancellation Fee in conjunction with its Base Fare Fee, yikes! Save yourself the aggravation and extra money and order a chauffeured car where you can choose the package you want on your time at the expense you can handle.