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The KLS Transportation Fleet in Los Angeles stocks the best quality vehicles on the road and offers a range of options from sedans and SUVs to large Sprinter buses and motor coaches. Our professional chauffeurs are held to the highest “Duty of Care” standards possible and go through background screenings, regular drug-testing, and constant training to ensure their service exemplifies the consummate professionalism our clients expect. If you have transportation needs, whether for a night on the town in an elegant limousine or a group airport transfer in an SUV or luxury shuttle, KLS Transportation can accommodate your request.We pride ourselves in offering luxury vehicles, professional service, and quick and easy booking. Here are some details on the vehicles we offer:

Cadillac XTS: A refined classic with an all-new finish, the Cadillac XTS offers a luxury approach for standard sedan transportation. With 40 inches of rear seat leg room, clients have ample space for comfort and portable electronic device charging ports are located conveniently nearby. All sedans at KLS Transportation come equipped with free WiFi, XM Radio, and Bluetooth audio sync.




Maybach: “Luxury at its finest” describes this machine well. From the hand-crafted, exquisitely finished cabin, LED accents, Nappa leather and panorama roof to its 6.0L V12 biturbo engine and Collision Prevention Assist Plus® feature, you’ll embark on your journey with utmost sumptuousness, requiescence and confidence. The Maybach’s intrinsic Intelligent Drive® feature views the road ahead for imperfections and signals the suspension to accommodate for an unparalleled smoothness in motion.


Mercedes Benz S-550


Mercedes Benz S-550: The Mercedes S-550 is a standout leader in quality and elegance, and has a backseat with every amenity possible to provide extra comfort to travelers. The backseat recline feature allows for many different lumbar positions and the massage function makes long trips extra relaxing. The S550 has a 4.7-liter, twin-turbo charged V8 engine with electronic stability for a powerful and smooth ride, and the tinted windows have infrared-reflective glass to reduce noise and heat.


Lincoln Continental




 Lincoln Continental: Imbued with style and comfort, the Continental exudes luxury with every feature, from its premium, Revel® audio system to its soft plush leather and refined, wood trim. The rear seats will comfort you with reclining lumbar support and ventilated heating for those winter months. Ample leg room brings further relaxation to even the longest excursions. Powered by a 400 horsepower, Turbo-charged GTDI V6, our Continental will provide you confidence and satisfaction as you glide toward your destination.


Cadillac Escalade ESV (SUV): The Cadillac Escalade ESV is one of the top-ranked SUVs on the market, and is lauded for its bold design, strong exterior finish, and luxury-laden interior. It has plush leather seating with wood trim throughout, and Bose surround sound system with satellite radio for improved listening enjoyment. The roomy cabin seats up to five people and has ample room in the back for luggage, with an overhead rack option available for additional storage. 

Lincoln MKT Limousine: The latest in stretch limo design, the Lincoln MKT Limousine has all of the most modern safety features along with the classic luxury limousine look and feel. The interior has LED lighting with bar and ice chests, XM radio, flat-screen TVs, WiFi and AUX-connect so passengers can play their own music mixes. The MKT is a true luxury leader for modern limousines and has a large rear door for easy entry and exit.

Mercedes Sprinter VIP Shuttle:


The Sprinter Limo Bus gives you everything that comes in a classic limousine interior, but with the added height of a bus. The stand-up ability makes the Sprinter popular for weddings and formal events, and provides a roomier alternative to traditional lower-ceilinged stretch limos. The powerful diesel engine from Mercedes nimbly moves the Sprinter around city streets and highways, and can handle steep hills and tight turns with ease, making it perfect for group drop-offs and pickups no matter where the location.


Luxury Mini Coach


Mini Coach: The Ford F-550 Mini Coach is an excellent option for larger groups and is the preferred vehicle for meeting and event planners. Whether you are going to the airport, hotel, or convention center, the Ford F-550 can get you there in comfort and in style. It comes equipped with flat-screen TVs, DVD player, high-powered air conditioning, and multiple electronic device charging ports. The Mini Coach comes in both forward-facing shuttle seating and limo-style floorplans, and can accommodate up to 31 passengers with luggage room in the rear.

Mercedes Sprinter VIP: To add more luxury to group travel, the Mercedes Benz Sprinter provides a raised-ceilinged experience to executive shuttles and comes with extra safety features like lane assist and blind spot warning. The Sprinter Vans include flat-screen TVs, leather seating, storage space in the rear and above the seats, Wi-Fi and power sliding doors for easy entry and exit. The robust diesel engine gives the vehicle plenty of power to carry full loads up and down even the steepest of city hills.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Limo The Los Angeles Sprinter Limo at KLS limousine are perfect for large groups traveling to and from local event venues, and can carry up to 10 passengers comfortably. The large-size buses are built to last and have extra powerful air conditioners running throughout the length of the cabin so every passenger enjoys a comfortable, climate-controlled riding experience. Seats are thickly cushioned and there are ports located throughout the cabin for electronic device charging. The buses have flat-screen TVs window shades for privacy, and ample storage space underneath for luggage.

The most trusted luxury transportation provider in the region, KLS Transportation looks forward to handling any transportation request you might have. Our reservation desk is open 24/7 so you can book with us anytime day or night by calling us at (888) 659-7559, or by booking online here or download our booking app